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X-rays: The Patients' Right-To-Know Policy Statement

  • Whereas x-rays are a proven cause of human cancer and mutations;

  • Whereas dosage, from any medical agent which is a proven carcinogen and mutagen, should be measured, recorded, and kept as low as technically possible, consistent with obtaining its medical and dental benefit;

  • Whereas nuclear workers have their exposures to radiation routinely measured, even though they often accumulate less exposure than non-cancer medical patients;

  • THEREFORE, medical and dental patients have the right (a) to know their radiation exposures from x-ray imaging procedures and to possess a reliable dose-record, and (b) to know that the medical and dental communities are actively seeking the most effective ways to reduce dosage during x-ray imaging procedures,

I support the patients' right to know.

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Your support for "X-Rays: The Patients' Right-to-Know Policy Statement" can be delivered in one of three ways:

  1. by e-mail (below)
  2. by filling out the electronic form
  3. by printing this webpage (or its text-only equivalent), filling it in, and mailing it to:

    John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D.
    XaHP, the X-rays and Health Project
    Committee for Nuclear Responsibility, Inc.
    PO Box 421993
    San Francisco CA 94142-1993

To send your agreement by e-mail:

  1. Click on this mail link -- -- then
  2. Type your name and address,
  3. Say that you support the Patients' Right-to-Know Policy Statement on X-rays,
  4. Say if you wish to receive progress reports twice per year, and
  5. Send us the message.

"X-Rays: The Patients' Right-to-Know Policy Statement."

The database, which is growing from the signed Policy Statements, has only one purpose: To persuade x-ray practitioners, hospital administrators, and HMOs, that growing numbers of patients in their own service-area expect action on reduction of x-ray dose per x-ray procedure.

No part of this database will ever be used for any other purpose. To protect your information from theft, XaHP stores the names, addresses, and e-mail addresses only in a computer not attached to the internet. And our website does not carry advertisements. We do everything we can think of to protect you from unwanted mail of any sort and to protect your privacy.

Thank you for adding your name to this effort, to reduce x-ray dose per x-ray procedure. An attractive feature of this effort is that it can succeed locally and rapidly (within 18-24 months), without waiting for universal success statewide or nationally. Please consider sending this webpage to your own e-mail address-book.

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